This information notice, pursuant to the relevant privacy legislation, supplements our Company privacy policy located at Sender Team Privacy Policy page.

Data Source

Our Company collects and processes personal business data. We process personal business card data from public records, including registers, directories, and archives or contained in publicly available postings, records or documents or in any case generally accessible (i.e., information made available by data subjects on platforms such as LinkedIn). This data may also be provided directly by data subjects.

Data Type

We may process data subjects’ business card contact information such as their first and last name, their company’s name and address, their title or position within their company, business telephone number, and business email. During processing we may also process device IDs, user clicks, IP address, device type, user agent, and location impression.


The personal business card data of Vietnamese data subjects may be processed by our Company in order to provide our clients with business information services relating to the marketing of products and services or for commercial, promotional, and advertising purposes. The performance of the service implies the transfer and storage of data in the United States and Europe.

Legal Basis

For marketing purposes, the legal basis is explicit consent, according to Vietnamese law and/or applicable law.

Processing Collection, Methods and Security

The data is predominantly collected using information technology tools and it is recorded in our Company’s electronic databases and regularly updated. These databases are organized and managed through computerized procedures. All personal data collected and processed by our Company is stored and protected using industry standard confidentiality and security measures, including the use of electronic communication networks and systems. Within the Company the data may be made known only to employees and external partners responsible for or appointed to perform the collection, analysis, processing, and communication of the data.

Scope of Data Communication

Personal data can be communicated, including by electronic means, to our clients, located in the United States and abroad, who will act as independent processors. This may involve data transfers to clients located outside Vietnam, who will act as independent processors.

Data Retention

The information you provide will be retained for 24 months or less.

Data Subject Rights

It should be noted that the applicable legislation recognizes the possibility for the data subject to exercise specific rights at any time, including (i) right of access, aimed at checking if and what data has been processed by our Company, (ii) right of amendment and updating of inaccurate and incomplete data, (iii) right to delete data in the cases set out (iv) right to obtain the restriction of processing when the established conditions are met (v) right to be notified of any amendments, deletions, or restrictions by the company in relation to subjects to which the data was communicated, (vi) right to submit a complaint according to Article 18 of the Law on cyber information security.

The data subject may exercise their rights, including the right to withdraw their consent for the Company to process their personal data, at any time. As discussed at the beginning of this Notice, data subjects can exercise their rights, including the right to withdraw consent, by either sending an initial request to our Company to or accessing this link: Do Not Sell, Share or Process My Personal Information. The data subject can also submit a complaint to the Vietnamese data protection authority in compliance with the applicable law.

Complaint Procedures

Any Data Subjects who believe that their rights and freedoms have been infringed by any data processing carried out by our Company pursuant to the applicable legislation can make a complaint to the Monitoring Body. This is without prejudice to the right of the Data subject and/or to initiate legal proceedings to protect his or her rights.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or if you would like to exercise any of your rights, you may contact us at:

LLC Sender Team
Attention Privacy
Ukraine, 54002, Mykolaiv region, Mykolaiv city, Radisna, House 10/13

Our Data Protection Officer may be reached at:

LLC Sender Team
Attention Privacy
Ukraine, 54002, Mykolaiv region, Mykolaiv city, Radisna, House 10/13

Last revised: February 13, 2024
This policy may be updated or revised from time to time. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically review the policy statement to determine if there are any substantive changes.